Mohammad's Wives
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Muslims are allowed to have up to 4 wives. Mohammad had many more than that,  plus several concubines.
Muslims are taught and teach that Mohammad married women to save them. They say he sought out those who would not be marriage material, such as older women and widows. According to Islamic teachings, Mohammad did his wives a favor by marrying them.
Yet so many of Mohammad's wives were young and described as beautiful.  Also, there were so many wives, and so few children. Problem somewhere?
Khadijah-  (40)      Mohammad's first wife. She was around 40 when she married him, and he was 25. She was a very wealthy widow and businesswoman. She was his boss.  Mohammad started receiving his first revelations while married to Khadijah and his status of prophet begun under her tutelage. She was a shrewd businesswoman. Mohammad did not have to work and he inherited Khadijah's money after her death.   Khadijah had 6 children, 4 girls and 2 boys who died. There is no evidence showing whether those children were Khadihah's by her former husbands or if they were Mohammad's.  Since she was in her 40s when she married Mohammad and already had 2 husbands, reason would dictate that the majority of the chidren were not Mohammad's. Mohammad did not practice polygamy while married to the older, very wealthy Khadijah, who brought Mohammad out of indigence and obscurity and into the life of a prophet. They were married for 25 years. After her death, Mohammad had carte blanche to go wild, and wild he went.
Sawda bint Zama-(50)   After the death of Khadijah, Mohammad married this 50 year old widow.   He was 53, so the idea of marrige to a woman his own age is not laudable. He married her at almost the same time as he married his third wife, the child Aisha. It would appear that when Khadijah died, and Aisha was coming into the picture, Mohammad may have needed a maid and nanny. At some point, Mohammad wanted to divorce Sawda and remain with Aisha only, but Sawda instead suggested that she would give up her nights with him, and he could spend more time sleeping with Aisha. This is documented in the Koran.
Aisha  Al- Siddiqa- (6)   The child bride of Mohammad. She was the daughter of Abu  Bakr, a close friend of Mohammad, and the  first muslim ruler after his death.  Aisha may have been chosen for several reasons. She could read and write and was the perfect candidate to continue Mohammad's teachings. She did this by narrating a multitude of hadiths. Mohammad may also have feared he could not have children, and marrying one so young might have upped his chances of procreating. Aisha had no children with Mohammad.
See Pedophile Prophet section for more information about Aisha.
Hafsah Bint Umar-(20)   Some Islamic sites claim that Mohammad married Hafsah because nobody else wanted her and he took pity on her. Hafsah was 20 years old and Mohammad was 53.  She was the daughter of Caliph Umar, a friend of Mohammad. Being young and wealthy, she would hardly be a cast off in ancient arab times. She had no children with Mohammad.
Zaynab Bint Khyzayma-(30)    She was a widow,  30 years old. Mohammad married her soon after he married Hafsah. Zaynab died soon after marrying Mohammad. She had no children with Mohammad.
Salama Hind Bint Umayya-(29)   Some Islamic sites describe Salama as being very poor with lots of children. She was a widow, had 4 children and was 29 years old. Hardly and old maid. Already proving that she was fertile may have contributed to Mohammad's attraction for her. But like the others, she had no children with Mohammad.
Zaynab Bint Jahsh-(35)    Zaynab was married to Mohammad's adopted son, Zayed.  She was also Mohammad's first cousin. Mohammad authorized her marriage to Zayed, but lusted her after catching a glimpse of her in a loose robe.  He asked his son to divorce her, and being in debt to  to Mohammad for raising him, Zayed complied. But the Koranic law of not marrying  daughters-in- law got in the way.  Allah then conveniently gave Mohammad "revelations" 33:4 &,5, which specifies that adopted sons are not really one's sons, and that adopted children must retain the  names of their birth fathers. Then, Allah "revealed" 33:37, stating that marrying adopted sons' wives is acceptable.  Adopted children in Islam lost their right to inherit from adopted parents, and are not considered blood relatives of the adoptive family. Mohammad's lust for one woman overruled any altruistic practice of adoption for Musim children for the rest of eternity. She had no children with Mohammad.

Juwayriya Bint Al-Harith-(20)   She was a Jewish captive of war. Described as beautiful. He was 58, she was 20. She had no children with Mohammad.


Safiyya Bint Huyayy-(17)  She was another captive of war considered booty. She was also Jewish. Her husband, father and mostly all of her relatives were murdered during war with Mohammad's soldiers.  Mohammad bought her from a Muslim soldier, after hearing of her beauty. She was brought to him, along with her sister,  in a state of shock, due to the witnessing of the murders of her family.  Mohammad chose her but not her less appealing sister, who was given to someone else.  Safiyya was 17. Mohammad was 60.  She had no children with Mohammad.
Umm Habiba Ramla Bint Sufyan-(35)   She went to Ethipoia when Muslims migrated there.  The King of Ethiopia arranged this marriage for Mohammad. She was 35 and Mohammad was 60. She had no children with Mohammad.
Maymuna bint Al-Harith-(36)   She was A Coptic Christian slave called Barra, given to Mohammad by the King of England.  She converted to Islam and Mohammad changed her name.   She was Zaynab Khuzayama's half sister. She was 36, Mohammad was 60. She had no children with Mohammad.
Maria Al-Qabtiyya-(20)   There are discrepancies as to if she was a wife or concubine. She was a  slave, given as a gift to Mohammad from Egypt. She was 20 when he was 60.  He showed a preference for her because of her beauty and made his other wives jealous. Maria never lived with Mohammad's other wives, but had her own place away from them.  She was the only wife or concubine to get pregnant while married to Mohammad.  The baby boy died in infancy. Was it his? No DNA at that time.
 The most famous concubines (or almost wives)
Rayhana-  Another Jewish war booty. She would not convert or marry Mohammad, so she remained his slave and concubine. No children.
Duba Bint Amr-  She was considered one of the most beautiful of Arab women. Described as having hair long enough to cover her entire body. Mohammad asked her son if he could marry her but found out she was aging, so he then changed his mind.
The following Hadith exemplifies Mohammad's opinions of what kind of woman men should marry:

The Prophet said, 'What makes you in such a hurry?" I replied, I am newly married " He said, "Did you marry a virgin or a matron? I replied, "A matron." He said, "Why didn't you marry a young girl so that you may play with her and she with you?" .....enter (Medina) at night so that the lady of unkempt hair may comb her hair and the one whose husband has been absent may shave her pubic region.  Bukhari V7 B62 N16


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